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Have a That '70s Show GIF you want? Ask and I'll do my best to make it!

Hello Followers!

As promised, I am set to make your requested GIFs! YAY!

However, I need your help!

The website I was using to make them no longer works. And several others I have gone to have not worked. Where can I make GIFs? Or what program can I buy to make them?

I have a MacBook Pro FYI.



Rest In Peace Lisa Robin Kelly. You will be missed, and we will always remember how you brought us a million laughs as Laurie.

Hello followers!

I know! I’m sorry! In haven’t posted a new GIF in almost 2 months. I started a new job (which I love and it’s amazing!) and it keeps me super busy.

I promise I will make new GIFs and I will answer your requests soon. I am looking at maybe this weekend but more so next weekend.

I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support! You guys are awesome!


Anonymously Requested 

Anonymously Requested 

Anonymously Requested 

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Anonymously Requested

Hello all! 

Thanks again for all of the support! 

Life, once again, has gotten crazy. I started a new job (YAY!) and it’s full time and Monday-Saturday. 

Sunday I will do my best to start making your requests. They are some great ones! I’m so excited to make them!

Thanks again!